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Instructor Name:WARREN D McKAY

Senior Instructor


Other Information:

Warren D. McKay currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt) in Okinawan Shorin-ryu under Hanshi Clarence P. Murray.  Mr McKay began studying Martial Arts at the age of 11.  His first Karate Sensei was Mr. John Bell.  Sensei Bell was trainning one of his neighbors in an abandoned apartment where he lived in Landover Maryland in 1974. Warren McKay didn't know the style of the martial art that was being taught but it seem to be pretty cool.  Sensei Bell taught Warren the foundation of learning to exercise and mental toughness.  Growing up with two older brothers who fought in the streets often, young Warren quickly learned how to defend himself.  Warren grew up in a neighborhood that surrounded Palmer Park, Bell Haven, Dutch Village and Kentland, so you had to fight or get your butt whipped.  Warren's father instilled a fighter mentality in all four of his sons.  Warren McKay thought that one day he would become a boxer but he watched several Bruce Lee and martial art movies, Karate eventualy won out.

Warren McKay’s parents divorced in 1977 and he moved to Temple Hills, Maryland. He joined an organized Martial Arts school taught by Master William Phillips of Daka I Dojang. The style of Martial Arts was Moo Duk Kwan-Tang Soo Do. He studied under Master Phillips until he graduated High school.

The Martial Arts journey continued while attending Frostburg State College in 1981. Warren McKay met Sensei Ralph Sawyer while at Frostburg State. Warren helped form a new karate club on campus with Sensei Ralph Sawyer. Sensei Sawyer was a Black Belt instructor who also studied Moo Duk Kwan-Tang Soo Do under Master Kim of New Jersey. His specialty was kumite. He and Sensei Sawyer organized many tournaments at the college and competed locally with other schools. They enjoyed mastering their kumite skills against the off-campus Tae Kwon Do schools.

In 1985, Warren McKay earned his Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Mathematics and was hired by the Department of Commerce, US Bureau of the Census. He later became a Branch Chief for areas of Software Testing and Data Collection. He is currently working as a Project Manager monitoring a contract worth over a billion dollars. It was during that time at the US Census Bureau that he first began training in Okinawan Karate under Sensei Roy Canter Jr.  The style was Okinawan Matsumara-ryu. Sensei Canter taught the principles of joint locking, pressure point striking, and body conditioning. He was truly a hard style instructor and Warren McKay had all of the bruises to prove it. Sensei Canter studied and trained under the guidance of Sensei James Coffman and Buddy Reyes.  When Sensei Canter moved his dojo further into Southern Maryland, it was too far for Warren McKay to travel and train. So, the training stopped. One day while coming back from a Kick-Boxing Aerobics class a co-worker asked Warren if I had met the Karate Master down the hallway from where he sat. Warren McKay introduced himself to Hanshi Murray, asking if he was a Karate Master. Hanshi Murray said “I am not a Master, but I know a little karate”. Hanshi Murray asked about Warren McKay’s background in martial arts and who were his instructor(s). Warren McKay was shocked to find out that he knew all of his past instructors in both the Korean and Okinawan Martial Arts. Hanshi Murray is senior to Master Canter, as they both studied under Sensei Coffman. Warren McKay was invited to observe the training at Murray’s Okinawan Karate located in Palmer Park, Maryland.   Warren was thoroughly impressed and joined the dojo 1998. Sensei McKay specialty is kata and learning the true applications and all aspects of it. Sensei McKay has competed and won many tournaments placing 1st in mens kata. Sensei McKay has studied Kobudo; his weapons of choice are the Bo, Sai, and Nunchaku.

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