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Michelle Burrus, Instructor, holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt (Yodan) in the Okinawan Shorin-Ryu style of karate. Ms. Burrus has studied Okinawan karate for over 25 years.  In 1987, she earned her 1st degree black belt in the Shorin-ryu Kobayashi style from Sensei Edgar Logan while attending the University of Maryland.  As a student at the University of Maryland, Michelle was introduced to Hanshi Clarence P. Murray who was a regular guest instructor at Sensei Logan classes.  Following completion of her master's degree, Michelle became a student of Murray’s Okinawan Karate when Sensei Logan was reassigned in the United States Air Force.  She earned her Nidan (2nd degree) Black belt in 1993 under Hanshi Murray.  She continued her studies and earned her 3rd degree and 4th degree black belt in 2006 from Hanshi Timothy Gilbert. 


Ms. Burrus has competed in numerous tournaments on the east coast on the local and national level.  She was rated as one of the top female fighters and was the undefeated Black belt Female Kumite Champion at the Eastern Regionals Karate Tournament from 1987 – 1990.


Ms. Burrus was inducted into the Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame (2006 & 2008), London International Black Belt Hall of Fame (2007 & 2008), and the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame (2008 and 2013) for her dedication to the Martial Arts.


Ms. Burrus is currently a Professional Teacher at the Seat Pleasant Elementary School where she specializes in Autism and students with special needs.  She also instructs an after school karate program and teaches at the Wayne Curry Sports & Learning Complex located in Landover Maryland for Murray’s Okinawan Karate.  Michelle holds a Master Degree in Psychology and is a certified teacher in the state of Maryland.


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