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Discover a whole new way to train with the Century Versys VS.2 Fight Simulator. Get an in depth look at this groundbreaking bag at:

INSPIRING A NEW FITNESS EXPERIENCE: The most VERsatile SYStem on the market, the Versys VS.2 Fight Simulator is ideally suited for aerobic conditioning, endurance, speed and technique training. Tested by professional combat sport coaches, trainers and instructors. Intelligent, simple and effective. The VS.2 opens up a whole new world to all combat sports and fitness athletes.

The VS.2 is the first grappling simulator to stand upright to allow for every upper or lower body takedown imaginable. The mixed martial artist, wrestler, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete can perform a full range of combination takedowns or follow through to holds, arm bard, leg locks, and reversals. Perfect technique, build endurance and speed without having to perform drills with a partner. Allows you to practice moves without exposing a partner to the risk of injury.

-Realistically practice nearly every grappling takedown without a partner, including: throws, hip tosses, leg sweeps, arm drags, ankle picks, crotch lifts, single and double-leg takedowns
- Throw hand, elbow, knee, and foot combination strikes to upper, middle, and lower body while standing up or on the ground
- Perform intricate partner exercises such as under hooks, level changes, and ground and pound

FEATURES-Legs and arms are a soft and flexible structural core for a full flexibility and natural rebounding to original position
- 40% lighter than traditional grappling dummies to safely train the broadest assortment of moves
- Patented three leg structure is strategically weighted to stand upright
- Easy to assemble, move, and store after training
- One-year replacement warranty on all Versys™ Fight Simulators**

Some assembly required

Size: Approx. 60” Tall
Weight: Approx. 50 LBS
Color: Black/Red

**For details, visit

Warning: These products are sold for use in high risk activities. Before using this product, read all information.

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