Murray's Okinawan Karate
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Tiffany Brooks delivers a round kick to Sensei Murray's face
The art of Karate (Kara-te), which means empty hand, was developed on the the island of Okinawa out of a need for life protection.  In 1609, the Lord Shimatzu of the Satsuma Clan banned ownership of any weapons for many years. He confiscated all weapons to ensure the safety of the Sho Dynasty.  Ancient Okinawan traders visited China's Fukien Province and brought back the martial arts techniques of China's southern Shaolin temple known as Chinese kempo. The Okinawans also developed a weapons system which chiefly used agricultural tools known as Okinawan Kobujutsu.  The combination of the empty hand system and weapons system formed the basis of Okinawan Martial Arts.  The Okinawans developed such an effective life protection system that Japan wanted it as their own.  Okinawan karate was brought to mainland Japan in 1922,  to Korea in the 1930's and to the United States in the 1950's.

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